Frequently asked question

We provide services for the broken packaging machines which is down and not able to get support from its original company due to somereasomes (2nd hand machines, out of warranty machines ... etc). these services include the problem troubleshooting, solving and supply the change parts if needed.

We provide ON-LINE & ON-SITE services on pre-scheduled basis for the broken packaging machines and for the packaging machines which need preventive maintainance

Yes, we can manufacture special - designed metal spare parts as well as supplying the standard change parts.

We provide all kind of services in the packaging machines:
a- Mechanical problems debuging.
b- Pneumetical problems debuging.
c- Electrical problems debuging.
e- change parts supplying.

Yes, we can help you with preparing the feasibility of new food packaging projects, choosing the propper machines for your product, and equiping your factory infrastructure (compressors, stabilizators, ...etc.)

Yes, we can reccomend you the optimum packaging film spectrum for your product, and supply you a trail roll for real tests, and then you can order big ammounts.

Yes, we guarantee the the parts that are made by us for one month, while we can not guarantee the change parts which we supply it from the market and ship it to you as long as its related to the brand quality itself, but as spart we will make sure that you are buying from the best brands.

Yes, we supply non-woven wipes as well as Aroma for the wet wipes machines.

Yes, we can make FAT on behalf of you and report the tests directly to the customer in case he does not want to fly abroad. (FAT test just inside TURKEY).

Yes, we can provide training sessions for the machines' operators who are new in the in the packaging sector.